Instructional video on how to set up and share weeks of social media content through all platforms with one click using Buffer App. Valuable information everyone should know.

How to share social media content with one click across all platforms

Have you heard of Buffer yet? Once you do, I guarantee, it will change the way you’ll look at sharing on social media platforms. I hear all the time from my clients: “Social media is a full time job, I don’t have time for it, who is going to keep up with the constant updates on all the sites?” Well, here is a solution: Buffer!

With just one click you can schedule a post up to 5 platforms at once, for FREE.  I know, there are several sites like this that let you schedule your posts in advance and share it across several different platforms, yet I found Buffer to be the most practical because of a few extras they provide: Continue reading


Best website checklist for awesome Search Engine Optimization

Your website matters and so does search engine optimization. Combine both and you’ll be an instant success!

Hi there everyone,

I haven’t post for a long time.  Writing is not easy for me, however I think I finally figured out the best format for my blogging presentations.  Self-recorded instructional Videos!

There is always tons of content I would love to share, especially technical writing, so i figured if I can convert my knowledge into a short video series, it can be the best way to provide you all with current and relevant information that everyone should know these days in regards to Internet and Web development business.

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How to write a blog for SEO and position yourself on first pages of Google.

Best practice to write a blog for SEO as well as your audience.

As I am taking off for my short vacation to sunny Florida from rainy Ontario, Canada,  I’ve decided to spend my travel time on writing a blog about how to blog for SEO.  I often contemplate if it is ok to write about personal matters on my business pages,  especially a post that would talk about sandy beaches, warm weather and palm trees.  I’ve decided to stick with business, at least for now.  However, if you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure you will be able to get an idea about my fabulous vacation.

florida, healthy drinks, writing blog for seo, vacation

florida, healthy drinks, writing blog for seo, vacation

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