Digital Marketing 3.0


Today’s digital marketing is a customer, an end-user focused like never before. We call it Marketing 3.0 because it is not just product facing (Marketing 1.0), not even simply client facing (Marketing 2.0). Today’s marketing requires holistic approach to your clients with their multidimensional, believing in values personalities, clients who desire to feel unique, to feel special. At the same time those clients know exactly what they want and they want it now. Those well educated about their needs customers are your target these days and WE WILL bring them to your online and offline shop.

To reach your existing and future clients you have to smoothly operate in the multichannel universe with omnichannel approach. Your personalized, client facing offer has to be present online and offline, on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, in social media, it has to be read by your clients in online news as well as in trade services. Do you know that all channels sell these days? WE DO!

Today’s clients love to save time no less than to save money. Have you ever tried to find the product you have searched online in your favorite stationary shop at the time of the Christmas Sales Frenzy? Have you tried to do shopping while rushing to pick up kids from school or hurrying to visit your mother-in-law (OK., we have gone too far here…)? Would you like to use a mobile app that drives you across the heavy trafficked shop pointing the products from your mobile shopping list? Would you like to save money by being awarded coupons for your loyalty? WE WOULD!

OK., it sound impressive, but how are you going to do this – you ask? Well… with our modern digital platform everything is possible! Cross-device online campaigns with multichannel approach, online and offline loyalty programs, offline retargeting in beacon environment, customer experience and customer journey management – it is all here in the reach of your hand… OK., in the reach of your phone. So waste no more time and CONTACT US!

Just because our honored colleagues from other digital agencies may be lurking in search for answers, we give you only few tips here:

First: In your online campaigns you will be reaching towards clients who have seen your products, but moved no further, users who add your product to shopping cart, but don’t buy, buyers who need to buy more, but don’t know about it yet as well as users who never visited you site. REMEMBER: Diversify your approach based on your unique client profile. Use the right tools and strategies to convert them all to be your loyal clients.

Second: Building your campaign media plan defining the best performing websites, channels and devices. Speak to those who are looking for your products by searching with keywords. Look for the users similar to your customers by engaging similar audiences. Use third party data to attract more users to your website.

Third: Acquire the audiences who visited your website and make them buy! REMEMBER: While programming your online campaign use separate floodlights to rate multiple audiences. Define the value of the audiences’ lists and set the ad surface bid value accordingly. Use cookie recency to reach the visitors based on how recent they visited your site. Set up the dynamic creatives to show the right product.