In today’s world with its ever-evolving technology, you cannot effectively have a successful business unless you employ search engine optimization to increase your client base and sales. More people shop online before they hit the stores. With people working more hours, many choose to forgo stores all together and shop online entirely for convenience. People want what they want, they want it pretty quickly and they don’t want to sift through twenty pages on the search engines before they find it. This is where search engine optimization for your product or service comes into play. When people do an organic online search for an item, they don’t always know exactly what it is they want. For instance, if someone is looking for silver jewelry and she wants a local retailer, she will go to Google or Bing and type in “silver jewelry Los Angeles” to see what’s available in the local market. If you provide silver jewelry in the Los Angeles area as mentioned in the above example, you want to make sure that your sites appear in the top spots on the first page of the search engines. In fact, you want your sites to garner mentions on the second and third pages of the search engines as well.

The way this is done is to put your article and video content that promotes your product or service on several OTHER “authority” sites that receive a lot of traffic. Such authority sites include YouTube and DailyMotion as well as press release and article directory sites. You want to create compelling content in the form of articles, press releases and videos, which have your strategically placed keywords, i.e., “sterling silver jewelry”, “silver jewelry”, “silver rings”, etc. placed in your content submissions that will link back to your sites so that people can click on your keyword links, which will direct them to your sites to see all of the cool merchandise you have to offer. Your sites must be optimized and search-engine friendly in the form of proper keyword density and placement.

Every search engine likes a good H1-tag and a good page title and their “crawlers” see them differently than people do. And people? They don’t want to sift through a lot of text-heavy content, so your pages need to be clean, simple and to the point so that prospective customers don’t get lost. And you, the merchant, like an endorsement, so you want to build backlinks as referrals from other businesses. The more high-quality backlinks you have, the more the search engines will see that your site is relevant…and they will increase your ranking. That’s not all, however. Once you get those coveted spots on Google, you have to retain them by constant and consistent updates to your own sites. Google loves updates and updates will increase and help you to retain your high rankings. Happy customers will also write reviews on your business, which the search engine spiders will find and index back to your site. Having a high ranking and positioning on Google is an endorsement in itself, which will bring you additional business. This is why you must use search engine optimization to continually build existing clients, while creating new ones in order for your business to be successful and competitive. –